Oddly enough, I picked my e-book up a few days ago -yes yes I know it doesn’t smell the same as a real book but I won it so the student in me dictates I must use this freebie – and completed a James Patterson novel.


I’ve wanted to jump back on to the reading bandwagon for a while now but college had created this illusion that I do not have enough time to read for hours on end or into the early hours of the morning. Even when my GCSEs approached, I continued my reading rampage by devouring a 953 page book (By Christopher Paolini) in a week because revision was starting the next Monday.

Fear not, I haven’t entered the reading world in such vast proportions and I will actually have to leave it in the upcoming two weeks before exams finally strike. My English teacher however, advised me to read whilst revising as her supervisor would tell her to read as much as she is giving out. Interesting idea right?

That’s without her knowing about this blog – yet, so hi Miss if you’re reading this – which means yes I have been giving in essays after essays for her to mark although the deluge of papers have dwindled in recent days. A brief respite however as my brain shall finally fire into a furious frenzy in these last two weeks before the dread of the exam hall.

I have suddenly remembered how just before my GCSE English Literature exam, I handed in a past paper I had done to my English teacher and who read it before the exam started, handed it back to me saying yes do this in the exam and so I did. So there, an illustration of my past papers obsession and the fruit it bears.

Until next time,

A Worried Student

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