It’s never a good sign when you can’t remember the last blog post you wrote. A lot has happened since then. We had an election in the UK and as I was part of ITV’s current affairs team, we were making documentaries on the leader of each political party. 

It was an amazing six weeks for me. The intense pressure, the tight deadlines, the important shoots, the long hours, the essential research; it was an experience that gave me a true taste of what life can be like on a current affairs team. I say this but my colleagues were quick to reassure me that life for them is not usually like that. The snap election and workload helped create those conditions – a six week long ‘crash’. 

I am also delighted to say that from next week I will be beginning a summer internship at Wall to Wall productions, a famous UK production company who are part of Warner Bros. I am a bit unsure what to expect in terms of what my tasks will be but it looks like it will be interesting! 

Aside from that, I have kicked off my own video production company, aptly named SpTv. Offering filming, photography  and video editing services. So yeah, spread the word and bring those customers because there’s plenty of equipment I have on my wishlist.

Have a look at my first commission here: 

New logo – thoughts?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student 

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