After the Rubble

What happens when you wake up and find that your house has been flattened by an airstrike? Sitting in cloudy old London, these thoughts probably never enter our thoughts. Yet how fickle are our minds when barely a generation ago, Londoners were cowering in their shelters as planes rained havoc over their city. With this…Read more After the Rubble

Oh No, Reading Lists!

When first year university students are given their reading lists -  I mean after searching their uni website themselves to find them - we don't really pay much attention to them.  "Ha, read in advance? Mate they said first year is a breeze so forget that!"  This leads to the inevitable first semester of each…Read more Oh No, Reading Lists!

I Don’t Want To Get Bored Of Reading

Well Hello! As a university student, not becoming lost in the overwhelming reading lists is a constant challenge. Then ontop of all that, maintaining your personal love for reading is even more challenging. So when asked me to write a blog post for them, I knew what I should write about. Check out my…Read more I Don’t Want To Get Bored Of Reading

The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read

For the love of humanity, happiness, intelligence and all that is good, please encourage children to read!  Whether it is your child, sibling, nephew or cousin, you have the responsibility to introduce them to the world of books. How were you encouraged to read as a child or what difficulties have you found when trying…Read more The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read