I’m not really sure how much time is required to full explore the natural attractions that British Columbia has to offer. For it seems on almost every exit off the motorway, there is a lake or waterfall or some such other wonder to feast your eyes upon and delight in. A roadtrip across Vancouver Island for example can easily take a good two weeks if you wanted to full experience the sights on offer. You are spoilt for choice with which place vist, which little road to drive down, which forest trail to explore. Here are some photos of my time in Canada.

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15 thoughts on “British Columbia

  1. That looks like the breathtaking views of Joffre Lakes (correct me if I’m wrong). I was only there last month, shortly before I left BC after a two-year stay. I hope you enjoyed your trip; judging by your photos and my own experience, it’s impossible not to.

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      • We didn’t do enough travelling, to be honest. But we did travel from Alberta, through Jasper, and on to the Kootenay Ranges where we camped at Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park; that was a real highlight — midnight thunderstorms at the Lussier Hot Springs. Great time. We got to see Banff and stayed in beautiful Canmore, too. Never made it to the east coast. BC is gorgeous and we made a few trips around the province, although never straying too far from Vancouver; we could’ve done much more exploring. But we loved living in the West End of downtown. Beautiful city and a wonderful experience. We’ll likely return soon to take in the sights we failed to see when living there.

        Are you still on your travels?

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      • Sounds like you did quite a bit! Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Banff but I heard it’s absolutely amazing. Thunder storms at midnight sound so cool!
        Sadly no longer on travels, back to the grey and glass of London for me

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  2. I only had a short visit to Vancouver (city), with a day trip to Victoria, but even the cities were nice. I wouldn’t mind at all going back again and spending more time farther afield. And maybe even traveling across the rest of Canada while I’m at it… Great photos. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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