Summer Of Art

Indeed I have been away for quite a while but it has more to do with wallowing in sadness about my dear broken laptop than being busy. Yes, my merely seven month old laptop’s hinges decided to break but when I explained to Dell that they seemed loose from the beginning, they obviously did not believe me. It is annoying when you buy something for £500 then realise you have to spend more money on it.

A bit like cars, poor car owners. Insurance, repair costs and petrol!

However, I may not have been utterly busy but I have been spending quite a lot of time in the graden spray painting. It has been going  well and the weather has been good on most days. The other day I taught my little brother how to do some spray paint art and now he wants to go out everytime I do. Which leaves me thinking perhaps it was a bad move since he will be using my spray paint stock!

The drama with my laptop had me considering all sorts of crazy ideas. Such as shelling out on a replacement one in the form of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which look amazingly cool and are awesome for students. Unfortunately, they are terribly priced so I will have to keep that dream in the cupboard for now.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the paintings I have done, let me know which is your favourite and which you’d consider buying if you just so happened to live in my area.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

Romeo and Satan

I’ve realised that my blog has taken a slightly autobiographical turn recently, turning into an update journal rather than a platform for interesting articles or even fun fiction.

So let’s talk about Romeo and Satan. What do these two things have in common? Well apart from the fact some may dismiss Romeo as Satan (I mean preying on a 13 year old girl like that!) there is another connection between the two in my life. Tomorrow they will both be making an appearance in my final exam of the year. Although I am not too worried about the exams as it is only my first year, there is always that niggling doubt until you actually get them done. I mean, what if they just forget to give us a question on Romeo and Juliet and I have to answer a question on Phillip Sidney’s Poetry instead?

So Romeo, I remember studying this text in school and it has always struck me that Romeo is quite a fickle guy. It is always presented as a great love story but I mean, really? Consider the fact that he was pining away for pretty Rosaline throughout the night and crafting poetry in his melancholic mood but come the evening, he was declaring his love for a girl he’d just met at a party. You can almost imagine that if he had lost Juliet, he would have spent a few days moping around before running off to find another girl.

Rather than being about love then, Romeo and Juliet is an intensely sexual play. There is a great emphasis on the body. Romeo wants Juliet and Juliet wants to give herself away to him. I mean some of the words they use are not even suitable for this blog! When Romeo first lays eyes on Juliet, his eyes are drawn to her beauty and that is what he seems to fall in love with. There is no talk about favourite colours or favourite sports, they just kiss and fall utterly in love. Quite unrealistic. 

For many readers, Juliet is a hero but is she truly mature or just taken in by the fact Romeo is the first person to declare he likes her?  To me, there is a suggestion that her desire to first kiss Romeo is driven by the fact her mother had just asked her in the morning about her potential marriage. Perhaps she was simply rebelling against authority by kissing Romeo. However, Juliet is not as rebellious or a challenge to the patriarchal society that she is often made out to be because instead of standing up to her father, she seeks to deceive him. If Romeo and Juliet had not died, would they have declared their relationship from the rooftops or would Juliet have still been forced to marry Paris? Therefore, the way they die is something that isn’t really worth celebrating. Rather than having to die to bring the two warring families together, they could have attempted to unite them through their open marriage. 

This does not mean that I dislike the play. It is a tragic and emotional one but perhaps there are many misconceptions about it because it has been glamourised through films and other forms. It is still a great story, just perhaps not one to celebrate. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student


Competition Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Wisegrannie for winning the 3000 Followers competition! Well actually hold up a minute people, there was actually a dismal turnout and it made me feel like one of the politician’s in the election campaign. Attempts to garner a response simply failed. Of course those of you who aren’t from the UK are excused and you played your part by hitting ‘like’ but UK bloggers, disappointed. (Shakes head sorrowfully.)

Anyway! Let’s not let that distract us from the amazing Wisegrannie who won the competition. Your prize as promised shall be an A3 sized piece of art on 300gsm card. You may choose your design from the ones posted or request a new piece with a combination of your favourite elements/colours.

wpid-wp-1428410630979.jpg wpid-wp-1428410733266.jpeg wpid-wp-1428410605413.jpeg wpid-wp-1428410593724.jpeg wpid-wp-1428410578490.jpeg wpid-dsc_0774.jpg

Alternatively, if you prefer a canvas piece then you can receive this one for an extremely discounted price of £10 (postage included)


Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

Revenge Is Best Served….Printed?

The house has been in need of a printer for a few months now after the fairly recently purchased one went bust. I swear they seem to make purposely make them as fragile as a bird’s skeleton. So I decided to surprise the family by buying one which I had found online and it came today morning.

I hid the box (wrapped it in a blanket and relegated it to the back of the wardrobe) until both parents were free. Finally the time for the great unveiling occurred and with a flourish I revealed the new printer! They were surprised and pleased so off I went feeling quite happy.

Now what happened afterwards is why I have narrated this tale, not for some self-glorification nonsense. A couple hours after, my mum asked me how much it cost and where I had bought it from. Then, in a quiet little voice she said: when I saw it covered up, I thought it was a juicer.

Bam! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. My immediate reaction was aww! Then I realised that I had flipped the table. The parent had not received the surprise she’d wanted. I had got revenge for the times where I had hoped for a certain present only to receive something entirely different. Except there’s one problem, I can’t remember ever feeling that. No not because I am a spoilt brat! But because as a kid, I loved toys so any sort would do. Although my aunt doesn’t let me forget the time I told her that the cars she had bought my little brother weren’t hot wheels.

Anyway, this means that on behalf of all the children out there, I have gotten revenge on the parental species. So if you’ve ever experienced something similar then you can sleep well tonight knowing your honour has been regained.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student


Work Experience Part 2

After two weeks of work experience, it is now back to revision for exams and completion of coursework. On reflection, I should have chosen to do work experience after my last exams but my university being the way it is, released exam dates far too late.


But it should all work out, hopefully. They do say the first year is a breeze after all! My first exam is the morning after election night which means the new government may be announced halfway through my paper.

Whilst I was at work experience, the election was obviously a big deal. SkyNews were covering it in earnest and the poor people were extremely busy doing the regular news as well as election duties. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to get their apps and TV channels looking slick! Providing 24 news on their TV channel is an extremely intense business as you can imagine. It was quite cool to see how everything has to go like clockwork in the TV gallery and I met a kind old man who’d been working there for the past twenty years who was happy to explain everything to me.

Another cool experience was watching the rehearsals for election night as they have a dedicated studio for that. Since they only come every five years, they love to make it as glamorous as possible. Which means everything has to be perfect. Although I was just standing there enviously looking at the rows of Microsoft Surface tablets!

Another section that was quite interesting was the archives section where they store interesting pieces of video. Its also where other companies can request any films or pieces for their documentaries and videos. So if you would like clips of a recent famous speech, then now you know where to go. Hold on mate, you have to pay!


I met another nice person in the archives section and I also visited the social media side which is basically Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more recently Periscope. It was quite interesting to see how they use social media to interact with a mass audience and it showed me that it is the way forward! Despite its negative perceptions, the fact is more and more people are using social media which means if you’re in the news business, that’s where you have to make your presence known.

Being on work experience can feel overwhelming at times. It is such a big building and company. Sometimes the nerves or the environment can get to you. One day, a person was showing me how to use a program and at the end he said: “Tomorrow they will put you with someone who really knows wrist they’re doing.” For some reason I forgot to laugh which meant it sounded like I felt he really wasn’t up to scratch! “That was a joke, ” he said dryly.

The experience was great and it left me feeling that yes, I can actually become a journalist.  Since it is the type of profession that people tend to think is a bit unrealistic, you can sometimes end up believing your doubters. However the two weeks at Sky meant I am now looking for even more work experience placements to boost my CV.

Onwards and upwards people!  (Hopefully.)

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

World of Journalism

Well hello there.I guess I should tell myself off for leaving you guys in the dark about what I have been up to. However you may have pity on me if I tell you that I have been travelling for 3 hours each day for the past week and have another four days of that to look forward to. In fact, I am currently typing this whilst on the London Underground after finally managing to get a seat. 


Now, I can go on ranting about travelling but that is just boring so let me instead tell you about my work experience placement at Sky News. Located in Osterley which is on the other side of London for me, the sprawling HQ is probably larger than my university building. . It is where most products and services of Sky are made. TV, radio, website, apps, marketing and so on.


A simple glance of the buildings and sites being developed inform you of one thing: television is on the rise, newspapers are sinking. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality and so we (aspiring journalists) must adapt to change. Most people want small tidbits of information as they do not have the time to read or even watch for a long amount of time. Working in the Digital side under the apps section showed me this. The focus was on creating short, interesting and engaging content. As one person said: ‘Once your viewers start looking at how long they have left to watch, then you’ve lost them.’  


There was one moment when I felt a bit jealous though. Looking at their stats, their iPad app which is a paid service, receives double the amount of views in one day than my blog has received in its entire life. The reason of course being, a lot more work goes into the app with stories being updated constantly throughout the day. So digital news is on the rise and there is no denying it, even if you are not a fan.  

Did you know that Sky News is on the Snapchat app? Take a look at it on the stories section and towards the end of the week, a quiz will appear that has been created by yours truly. It is an interesting and fun way to get younger audiences reading the news, and quite fun to make too!

Another thing that I experienced was how a news show gets recorded. Of course you have the live news which is being constantly done but other topical news shows are also made. There is very little drama when it comes to making one. Unlike a film, they don’t spend hours doing re-takes as the studio is only available for a short time. So with smooth precision, the camera rolls and off they go, chattering away.  


At Millbank studios

Now I have emerged into the sunlight and so begins a day at work. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

Run The Competition!

Okay folks! The 3000 followers mark has been hit so thank you to all you lovely people!

I have been quite busy over the past few days with work experience, so this post should have come a bit sooner but more on that later.

For now, it’s open season at the 3000 followers competition so please check my previous competition post to enter! I noticed that few people have actually entered since that post went up although it has received quite a few likes and views. I guess this is because many of you are not in the UK but if you are and have yet to enter, then please do!
Click this link to take you straight there:

Competition closes in FIVE days.

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A Worried Student