A Hello Back

I remember when I first began blogging and after I’d committed to writing a few posts every week, it would feel strange to go a week without posting. But here it is, the annoying sorry for not posting in months (years?) post.

Life has been busy and the only reason I am typing this is I am actually sitting on the bus today instead of riding the bike to work. That’s because I am off to visit the in-laws this evening. Oh what’s that you say? You’re married now?? Yes, indeed I am, alhamdulillah. A lot can happen between blog posts.

The one thing that hasn’t changed, is I am still working in the field of TV production. Of course, my dad is still waiting for me to get a ‘proper’ job since according to the ancient parental rulebook, subsection 23, clause 7.8, a freelance contract based job can never count as proper.

Despite my worried student years being a couple years in the distance, it’s quite clear that the worries and concerns of today’s students are more or less the same. There are still terribly high tuition fees, scarily soaring accomodation costs, and the future – if you’re are rosy cheeked sixth former on the cusp of adulthood – is scarily uncertain.

Never before has it been more important for a student to think carefully and seriously about their future and the skills that they will require to thrive. Never before has it been more important to make the right choices at each crossroad in life. That all means additional pressure and stress on a mind that is already juggling the mental rock that modern teenage life throws.

It’s quite scary how few teenagers take advice or do their research though. Whether it is at A level or university, or even upon graduation when it comes to hunting for jobs, there’s a tendency to stick with what is comforting and to only listen to friends – and perhaps the odd ‘cool’ relative or forced careers advice session. Teenagers are also stubborn creatures so if they become fixed on a particular decision after reading one web article about it (or a blog post?), then it can be very difficult to get them to look at things from another angle, to consider alternative viewpoints.

As a teenager and an adult, it’s your duty to do your research properly, to look at things logically and to consider all sources of information before making a decision.

If someone had told me that properly before I began university, then maybe I wouldn’t have stuck with English Literature..

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

5 thoughts on “A Hello Back

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the marriage, job and life! I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted to either but this should be an extra in your life not a burden. So happy you’re living life rather than just writing about it!!! Look forward to your next post.

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  2. This feels so nostalgic even reading your last blog post. I remember I had started following you when I was a senior high school student myself and your posts felt so personal and relatable. I looked upto you for being so regular with blogging while I struggled posting a few times with gaps spanning for months. Now here I’m doing my last year in masters. Still a student. Still looking forward to my PhD next year maybe. Hoping you’re in good health and would continue this blog someday again. Congratulations for the wedding! 🙂


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