Which One Are You?

When your parents would drop you off or pick you up from school, would you cringe and hide your face as you dive through the open door like a soldier evacuating from a hot battlefield or were you one of those lucky ones who could stride proudly to their car and even offer a friend a lift?

My dad may be getting a ‘new’ car soon. A decent one this time, hopefully.

41 thoughts on “Which One Are You?

  1. I walked to school, but if I did get driven there and back I’d definitely have been the kind of person to make my Dad park two streets away from school!


  2. I always had to walk to school when I was young and then in the time after I started high school I had an hour long bus ride that sucked. On the rare days my parents could pick me up I wasn’t embarrassed, and was grateful for the ride. I was more embarrassed on the few days I couldn’t drive my regular car and I had to show up driving my horribly old car with a dented hood(my dad hit a deer with it, but everyone assumed I did it).


  3. If it was my mom taking me to school it was an “oh yes”, if it was my dad it was an “oh no”, lol. I opted to take the bus rather than have him drive me to school. A huge old pick up that makes strange noises and pumps smog is not the kind of entrance I wanted to make to school. But hey, I should get environmental points for taking the bus! 😉


  4. I didn’t mind, sure there were a couple of years where we had a pretty bad car as we went through a rough time, but I never really was ashamed. I’ve realised as I’ve gotten older that money is just a status symbol and most of the people with a lot of it are just fake.


  5. Lol I love this post.. I would most definitely make my mother drop me off in the front bc of my refusal to walk any further from the parking lot to the door. She had a CRV so to me that’t not that bad of a car.


    • Oh wow! You have just reminded me of a few months when my brothers and I had to go through the same thing! The car was broken so my dad had to use his work vehicle which was small, had two seats and space at the back so everytime we got in and out we would try to do it as quickly as possible, lest anyone should see!
      Thankfully, I was younger then and didn’t need to be dropped off to school as it was close.


  6. My mom picked me up and dropped me off every day throughout high school. Even after I got my license, I still didn’t have a car. I had to borrow my mom’s minivan if I ever wanted to drive anywhere. Yeah, I was a SUPER cool kid.
    It all worked out in the end though, because my parents bought me a brand new car (moderately priced, of course) of my choosing as a graduation present. Huzzah!


    • Haha I am tempted to say aww that is so sweet but you may just give me a withering weird look! It must have felt good though on most days when you’re tired and you have your mum waiting instead of having to walk or take other forms of transport!
      Haha extremely cool of course!

      Wow that’s great!


  7. Worse–we either walked to school or (gasp) rode the big yellow school bus. Which is all fun and games when you’re in elementary school and everybody’s doing it… but lacks serious street cred when you’re in high school and couldn’t manage to bum a lift from a friend.


    • Poor you!
      In London, the schools tend to be relatively close but I know some of my friends who would travel an hour each way which I simply would not have been able to put up with!
      We also don’t have school buses, just the lovely jam-packed during rush hour, good old red ones.


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