What Am I Talking About?

Where one may have made you tear, it may have bored another to death. Where one may have appeared tremendously exciting, it may have frightened away a person's sleep. Where one may have thrilled you to your core, it may have dulled another's life. Where one may have made you laugh gloriously, another may have…Read more What Am I Talking About?

A Sprinkling Of Life

Oddly enough, I picked my e-book up a few days ago -yes yes I know it doesn't smell the same as a real book but I won it so the student in me dictates I must use this freebie - and completed a James Patterson novel. I've wanted to jump back on to the reading…Read more A Sprinkling Of Life

The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read

For the love of humanity, happiness, intelligence and all that is good, please encourage children to read!  Whether it is your child, sibling, nephew or cousin, you have the responsibility to introduce them to the world of books. How were you encouraged to read as a child or what difficulties have you found when trying…Read more The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read