Your Dreams, Aspirations and Motivations

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on the importance of aspirations and dreams. Back then, I was in what now feels like the rose tinted world of A-levels. Rose tinted because despite the hard work and heavier timetable, my aspiration back then was to get into a good university. That goal is…Read more Your Dreams, Aspirations and Motivations

Exam Trouble

So I only have one exam left which I will be completing this Friday and then I can finally embrace the three months of freedom that awaits me. There is an issue however which will be preying on my mind for the next three days and even more if Friday's exam does not go well.…Read more Exam Trouble

Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

Now, since the end of secondary school, I haven't been an active participant in sports but when it comes to exams, I realise the importance of exercise. I am revising, I don't have time to exercise! This is the usual attitude during exam season as everything is pushed back after the barrier of the day…Read more Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

That Time Of Year Again..

When I hear people declaring that they hadn't revised during the holidays and that their exams are coming up soon, the first thought that enters my head is "why the hell didn't you!" Sorry. Perhaps they had something going on, a family matter or personal issues but those who didn't yet still remained in their…Read more That Time Of Year Again..