Have you been contemplating visiting the little island of Malta? If you live in the UK or in Europe then chance are that you’ve considered Malta as a possibile holiday destination. If you are currently weighing up your options for this summer then I would suggest you lean towards the beautiful island of Malta because it seems to have all you could ask for in a holiday destination. Culture, history, sightseeing, beautiful beaches and great food. But if you need more convincing then take a look at my vlog.

 Day 1 in Malta:

5 thoughts on “Do you want to visit Malta? 

  1. This had me laughing (especially the bit where – now I don’t want to get the name wrong but – one of them said “I was thinking I have to save (insert name here) cos his mum’s going to beat me up” hahahah gold).
    Malta looks great. Those clear blue skies!

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