After the Rubble

What happens when you wake up and find that your house has been flattened by an airstrike? Sitting in cloudy old London, these thoughts probably never enter our thoughts. Yet how fickle are our minds when barely a generation ago, Londoners were cowering in their shelters as planes rained havoc over their city. With this…Read more After the Rubble

Romeo and Satan

I've realised that my blog has taken a slightly autobiographical turn recently, turning into an update journal rather than a platform for interesting articles or even fun fiction. So let's talk about Romeo and Satan. What do these two things have in common? Well apart from the fact some may dismiss Romeo as Satan (I…Read more Romeo and Satan

What Do You Want Our Beowulf To Be?

Somehow, somewhere, you must have come across the name 'Beowulf.' Even if you know absolutely nothing about it, there is a very slim chance that you have managed to go through your life in education without hearing the word. Perhaps your curiosity spurred you on to search this mysterious thing on Wikipedia or perhaps you…Read more What Do You Want Our Beowulf To Be?

The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read

For the love of humanity, happiness, intelligence and all that is good, please encourage children to read!  Whether it is your child, sibling, nephew or cousin, you have the responsibility to introduce them to the world of books. How were you encouraged to read as a child or what difficulties have you found when trying…Read more The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read