Hello! So this ART page began with this post:

I have always loved to draw. Since I was young, the creative spark in me meant I would spend hours with my Crayola felt-tips and colouring pencils creating pictures upon pictures. Admittedly, they were not works of art but I still enjoyed it. If I do have a regret about my A-level subjects, it is probably that I should have picked Art as one.

However, the thought did not actually occur to me when I began college. I was too focussed on getting my dad to agree to me NOT doing any maths or science subjects so Art hid in the back of my mind, classified as an extreme, too crazy to even think about.

I joined the art club in college last year but it was in all honesty, a catastrophic failure. After a few weeks of working with clay, a new teacher came in who merely said do what you want and provided no sense of direction. So I left and never returned. Another reason why I probably never seriously considered studying Art was because I have never considered my works to be well, art worthy. I do not really draw much anymore but I love to draw in graffiti style. This does not mean going around with a spray can but merely doing it on paper.

In my previous post, you saw an example of this and I gave the opportunity to three people to request one of their own. Only one person responded! Perhaps you were feeling too shy but seriously, ask away! All I ask in return is if you do use it on your blog, then simply provided a reference to mine.

So here is the one I did forΒ Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens


So if you would like one for your blog then simply ask! πŸ™‚
I have been doing these since I was young, although it took alot of practice and paper to get to where I am today. When my little brother tries to copy me, he becomes frustrated when it does not turn out the same. Little does he know that my previous childhood attempts would make me cringe!
If there is a greater deal of interest in this, then I may upload a video of me creating one which does not take long. (excluding the inner detail of course!)

So until next time,

A Worried Student


Thereafter I received a few requests and here are the results:Β 


So if you would like one of your own then simply, comment below with what text you would like and your preferred colours. All I ask in return is when you first use it on your blog, then reblog the post that contains your request.
Also, if you would like to donate as a token of appreciation, the funds raised would be used to buy better tools to create your ‘works of art.’Β 

Thank You


A Worried Student


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47 thoughts on “ART!

  1. If you have more time, can you please make a graffiti-drawing with the Text:
    Painting is silent poetry?
    With the colors red and black?
    And is it okai if I share it on my Blog? πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for the like on my recent post. I had to check out this post since I am an odd duck combo English teacher and Art Teacher. I had some bad experiences in high school that discouraged my love of art. (Teacher simply told me I had no talent) After too many decades as an English teacher, I had weird opportunity fall in my lap to reinvent myself as an art teacher for a small private school. I’ve loved it and work very hard to encourage every child to develop his own artist eye. I remind them that Van Gogh only sold one painting in his life.
    So keep at it, my young friend. You have the passion; so pursue it!
    Have you seen zendoodle? Check it out on the web.

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    • English teacher and art teacher! That is seriously amazing! πŸ˜€
      Thank you I shall certainly try my best. This summer I have invested in some art tools (costly but oh well!) so now just have to see what I can do.
      Hmm nope I haven’t but I’ll search it up πŸ™‚


  3. Hi. I used to do this when I was little and sometimes now when I doodle. They’re nowhere near as nice as yours, though. I never thought to practice it more often. I think I’ll do that now and see if I can get better.
    You do a great job. πŸ‘

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  4. You are very good in Art πŸ™‚ dude. I have seen your Art Works on your blog and all really amazing. Have you made all of them?
    Even I am very much passionate about Art and Craft however I don’t paint. I make thing out of used and old material basically I do Craft.
    It’s great to see someone here with same passion man.
    You can check out one of my art work here->

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