For the love of humanity, happiness, intelligence and all that is good, please encourage children to read! 
Whether it is your child, sibling, nephew or cousin, you have the responsibility to introduce them to the world of books.

How were you encouraged to read as a child or what difficulties have you found when trying to get children to read?

Many people tend to blame ‘technology’ for reducing the amount of time children spend reading but the fact is children are just not being encouraged enough. One issue is the age at which they start reading. Children have to realise the joy of reading from a young age as it is the thrill that comes from reading their first enthralling book that will allow them to turn their backs on an iPad and read instead. 

An Amazing Sight! Wait, please people, sit up and read, your poor eyes are straining!

We can admit that yes, technology is extremely attractive and seems more ‘cool’ but if a child already knows the enjoyment and pleasure reading gives before being introduced to the world of technology then they will be more likely to read throughout their lives. However, to persuade a child to read after they have already become engrossed in the world of gadgets and games is terribly difficult. 

As adults – and I am talking to teenagers as well when I say this – we have a responsibility to introduce books to children. Even if you do not enjoy reading yourself or you weren’t encouraged to read much when you were young, you must still influence the children in your lives to read.

Well the obvious reason is books help to develop a child’s imagination but not only that, they also help develop their style of writing and vocabulary. This is something which has to be nurtured for a long time and comes from reading hundreds of books, not merely one or two throughout the year. Just yesterday at the tuition centre where I work, I met a student who was barely twelve years old yet had a great grasp of English. I showed him a list of books that I had written up for students and he had read nearly all of them. On the other hand, a student who was three years older was on a far lower level and did not read at all.

 Now there may be other factors which cause this of course but a common denominator in students I have met that excel in English is that they love to read. Their command of the language is far better than those who do not read as they appear to subconsciously take in and learn how words are used. This is what makes great writers stand out from the rest.

How Can We Encourage Children To Read?

You have to spend time with them when they are young, taking them to libraries, reading with them and reading to them. Children can easily fall in love with a story but they need to be given them. This means their interests need to be analysed and whatever book they find enjoyable, they should be allowed to read it while they are young even if you think it is not particularly great. As they grow and reach the age of 7-8, you can steer them gently towards more complex books and perhaps even grant a reward for finishing them.

The important thing about children reading books is that they should be discussed. In the same way that games, movies and TV shows are talked about, you must have a conversation about the books they read. This will make them want to read more as they know it is something you can bond over.

Finding the right kinds of books for a child is important as thrusting one they dislike into their face and ordering them to read will only push them away from reading. Do some research, think about the books you read as a child and why you enjoyed them. There are millions of books available and for many of us, they do not cost anything as we can just pop down to the local library. Trust me, the time you spend encouraging your child to read will be repaid when you see them intently reading for hours on end or when you see an open book beside their head in the morning.

If you would like me to post a list of recommended books for children and teenagers to read, then let me know 🙂

Please, spread the need to read.

A Worried Student


27 thoughts on “The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read

  1. Wise words, there is nothing worse than people saying they don’t read, or only read magazines…I always try to make sure my non reading friends feel bad when they see a film and I tell them the book was so much better, it was beyond awesome etc…one day that will work.


    • Thank you. Yes, when people say they do not read, I translate that to “I have not discovered one of the great pleasures of life.”
      Haha one day! It is annoying though as many people will say yes I’ve read that! Err I mean I’ve watched the film.
      My response: Oh


      • I find it amazing that people can’t get passionate about books, all it takes is that one book, that catalyst that will blow their minds and make them obsess and fill up every bit of space they can find with a huge variety of books.


  2. The book. What an invention. I always tell my child that it is a time machine, that can go anywhere in history or into other dimensions, take you there, bring you back safe and it doesn’t even need a battery. Don’t leave home without one.
    Great post.
    Best wishes DG


    • You’ve described it perfectly and it reminds me of how I would-and still do- lose myself in books. From my bedroom, I explored the world like many others.
      Always love it when a child describes books in a smilar way.
      Thank you! 🙂


  3. Could not agree more! My older sister always claimed she hated reading, until I gave her one of my James Patterson books, definitely for teenagers not kids, but very quick moving and easy to get into. Personally, Stephen King is an obsession and has been since I was 13, but I’ve always been a reader! But brilliant post, I really agreed with you and enjoyed reading it 🙂


    • James Patterson! The great thing about him is that you can read his books throughout your whole life as he writes for all ages and even recently has begun to write for younger children. Was it a Maximum Ride book?
      Hmm to be honest I haven’t read much of Stephen King but Patterson is one of my favourites and I just finished reading the first in the Women’s Murder Club series.
      Thank you! 🙂


      • It wasn’t, it was the Alex Cross series! She genuinely was one of those people who said she hated reading even though she never tried it, really worked with her! The womens murder clubs amazing too! Love what you’re doing anyway, keep it up!


  4. Damn right. It’s sad to see reading with such negative semantic fields in young generations. Saying that, when I was volunteering with Year 7’s after school, many seemed to enjoy it! It’s getting young lads into it that’s tricky;)


  5. Yes! My parents made it a priority to read to me when I was little and once I learned how to read myself I read to them. Today reading is still one of my favorites. Another thing that I think influenced my interest in reading was seeing my parents read for pleasure.


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