The Cause Of It All

These posts were the first that I wrote and the reason why this blog was created:

  1. A Dilemma
  2. Age..ism?
  3. What To Do About Those Dreadful Fees?


However, this blog grew as I decided to discuss wider issues and problems that students face across the world as well as the normal everyday experiences of life that we often forget to value.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and sharing your views by commenting on them.

Thank You

A Worried Student

21 thoughts on “The Cause Of It All

  1. Hi, there. Your blog posts sound like me talking, when I was your age, a couple of decades ago šŸ™‚ . I have a 12 year old boy now who will soon be going to college and now I think about funds for his education.
    Regards your concerns on money, in my experience, the issues don’t really go away, but yes, as you get older, you find better ways to deal with them. So give yourself time and like you mentioned in one of your posts, you are a young innovative lot.
    I am sure if you put your mind to it, you are sure to find ways to help your family fund your way through this. I would say, don’t let it get to you. Find ways to beat the stress of money. And I am sure you will!


  2. I am sure all students struggle with these issues. I like the fact you asked about ageism? I think that anyone who writes will enjoy other writers. It is special that you are on wordpress and keep up the good work! Smiles, Robin


  3. If you don’t mind a pessimistic old grouch’s opinion… I think I saw you write you’re a lit major considering journalism? I’d say, go with journalism. I myself got a creative writing degree the first time around… which is why I had to have a second time around! And you’re right, college costs have skyrocketed since I went just a couple decades ago. (And I can’t imagine it’s for good, altruistic reasons…) So make your very expensive education worth while. Major in something that lands you a job. Minor in something you love. šŸ™‚

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    • Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Yes I am definitely more focussed on working as a journalist in the future. Unfortunately in terms of my degree, there aren’t any actual journalistic modules available but my work experience has been geared towards media. Creative writing is still something I love though and hopefully will continue to be something I do on the side.


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