I’m a small bird in a big city. Its hard to stand out in the hustle and bustle of the everyday chaos. They say life isn’t all about looking good but I’ll tell you something, my amazingly radiant plumage definitely attracts a lot of attention. I mean, you’re the second person to ask to take a photo of me today. Sometimes I spot people using those long tube things to take a photo from far away. Now that is just down right rude, don’t they know I have an image to maintain? What if my friends caught me pecking at Hovis bread instead of Kingsmill? So then I just fly over and give them little white presents as a way of telling them to clear off. You’d be surprised at all the things a beautiful bird like me has to put up with. Just last week a small human tried to kick me so of course I shook my feathers to scare the rascal away, but then a bigger human used the pointy thing that they normally use to cover their heads when it rains, to chase me off. So yeah, life isn’t easy in a big city like this. I wake up each morning not knowing when my next meal will be but somehow over the course of the day food just comes at me so when I return back to my big old nest at the top of this sandy coloured building, my belly is full and I can sleep happily next to the warmth of the thrumming human machine. Its called a generator, I bet most other birds don’t even know that but I’m a smart one. I’m teaching myself how to read. I told you already, life isn’t all about looking good, you have to have street smarts too.


This was written during last summer, looking forward to the upcoming semester and taking a few more shots of these wise pigeons πŸ˜‰ 


12 thoughts on “Birds of King’s College London-1

    • Thanks! Yes it’s been a long time since I’ve posted so feels good.
      Haha yes, apparently there is a London equivalent although it isn’t as well maintained. We have a page for our uni (humans of king’s college London) and I was spending a couple hours interviewing people when I thought this would be fun.


  1. I also missed hearing from you. You do know that most people in our cities don’t like pigeons at all! At first, I thought you were talking about your personal experiences in your big city, but then I didn’t know why someone would go after you with an umbrella. You “had” me hook, line, and sinker. Keep it up and enrich your blog. You’re getting better with each post. BTW, how’s college going for you this year?

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  2. Goodness has it been a while! Hello there – might not remember me, la Z (you might be confused by the new name but eh, I took a big break and then wriggled back onto WordPress). I hope you’ve been well with university and all. I’m succumbing to the onslaught of GCSEs at the moment (how did I get this old?).
    Take care – and hazaar for posting!

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    • Well hello there! Great to hear from you again πŸ˜€
      Aah alas GCSES, those lovely exams with clear instructions unlike evil uni essays πŸ˜›
      Its awesome to see the usual crowd of people on WordPress, feels like coming back for a reunion and hopefully will make me post more frequently πŸ˜€ thanks and you too!

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