I see Malli standing at the water’s edge Mouth open in shock as the foam of the waves attacks his soles His arms tight around his chest. Nikhil is seated in the sand. An eagerly dug hole holds him prisoner. Golden grains Trap his tanned arms. He looks up at his brother, who’s accusing the…Read more Sonali

Birds of King’s College London-1

  I'm a small bird in a big city. Its hard to stand out in the hustle and bustle of the everyday chaos. They say life isn't all about looking good but I'll tell you something, my amazingly radiant plumage definitely attracts a lot of attention. I mean, you're the second person to ask to…Read more Birds of King’s College London-1

Standing Up Against Oppression

In the latest clash between the Israeli military and the people of Gaza, it seems that everyone supports the Palestinians. Messages of support, words of condemnation, protests, marches and angry demonstrations against Israel are increasing in number. Just yesterday, The Co-op supermarket chain announced it has banned all exports from Israeli settlements. In this conflict,…Read more Standing Up Against Oppression