So am I still worried?

Well yes and no.

It would be more accurate to say that the worries have been rearranged. Whereas before my worries were about paying my tuition fees, that has moved down the league table of worries and others have risen.

For the majority of the year I would say I live through an average amount of worry but that all changes when it comes to coursework submission month. Four weeks to write four essays might sound like plenty of time but when they are 4,000 words each it can be quite daunting. Once the first drafts are done though, then the tensions lower and I can almost smell the true beginning of summer.


King's College London, Strand Campus

But what about my tuition fee worries? Well the fact hasn’t changed that I have had to pay £9,000 each year but I have managed to come to the end of my second year at university being in only £2,000 debt. So surely I should be worrying about next year’s fees right? Well again, yes and no. I’ve decided to actively worry less and maintain a moderate balance between saving and spending. Rather than withholding every penny and pound, I’ve decided to strike a balance. This has partly been caused by my tuition lessons doing quite well but also because there is the option of borrowing from family members whatever will be needed to make up the balance between my savings and £9000.

I’m also hoping to get a summer job or internship so let’s hope interviews and applications go well! Which brings me onto worries that have increased: namely the future. Jobs, work, life, money and graduation. A year from now, I will be coming to the end of my degree and onwards into life I will march. I can’t wait but at the same time there is a sense of fear. Will I be able to secure a job? Will I be able to go forth in the field I want? These are all questions which haunt students’ minds and so I have that to look forward to.

Yet there is a clear feeling that the worries have decreased in their intensity. I try my best to achieve my goals and so there is no point in worrying further. Well excluding these essays, speaking of which, another couple hundred words need to be written before bedtime.

Good night/Good Morning,

A Worried Student

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