Oh No, This Again..

I’m not really sure why but when I first bought a bike about six years ago, it seemed like a big deal to my family and relatives. Perhaps it was because living in London, bikes were not so common back then or maybe it was that my family had this built-in fear for bikes with the elders voicing concerns about accidents and danger. Maybe, it was all in my head as I was an excited twelve year-old back then. 

However, one thing remains the same. Deciding which bike to buy is always a lengthy decision. Even back then, I had very strong opinions on what type of bike I wanted to buy but I remember the day I took my dad to Halfords and he surprised me by buying a more expensive mountain bike. I have to say, the Halfords employee must have done a remarkable job in convincing my dad to buy it as God knows I tried my hardest to push his budget upwards but then all of a sudden, he listened to this man who came and told him it was worth spending the extra pounds.

He was right though. Six years later, I still have the bike although it is now far too small. Nevertheless, I still ride it at times when I am feeling like Alex Rider with his aged bike, despite mine lacking amazing gadgets. So now the time has come to invest in a new bicycle which means extensive research and worrying about whether I am making the right decision. More is at stake here as I will be paying for it myself but then again, it will be a real investment if I do use it as the primary mode of transport to University for the next three years. Friends have already warned me that a monthly travel pass costs £87!

In the meantime, I have to figure out where to store the new bike which means convincing the parents that they should let me store it in the cellar. An odd choice I know but all other places except for the garden are out-of-bounds and that is the last resort. Of course if I had it my way, I would store my bike like this: 

This is genius!

This is amazing!

Parents’ reaction: No way!

So yes, the journey goes on and oh yes, the ‘elders’ were right. I did end up having a few accidents on my bike but those are interesting tales for another post.

Until Next Time,

A Worried-Eager To Cycle-Student

8 thoughts on “Oh No, This Again..

  1. You see, I got around the issues you mentioned by never bothering to learn how to ride a bike. It’s served me well, so far. It’s a top tip if you ever… have your mind wiped by an evil hypnotist. Although you won’t remember this tip if that happens, so it’s ridiculous me even saying anything.


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