Agadir Day 3

Amidst all the essays and long days at university, let me share with you day 3 of our Agadir trip: Until Next Time A Worried Student 

Thanks Hackney 

Dear Hackney,   I would like to thank you for not letting me down.  You see,  everytime I tell people that I am from Hackney,  there is a slight gasp and shudder as they contemplate how on earth I have managed to survive living in such an infamous area. They wonder if I have been…Read more Thanks Hackney 

Trying To Enjoy Life Without Its Politics

Currently the smell of the BBQ glowing in the garden fills the air. That moment after everything has been eaten in a wild rush of hunger and all quiet descends, until it is broken by the shrill cry to tidy up. The killer of joy: cleaning. Robots still haven't been invented yet, which is why…Read more Trying To Enjoy Life Without Its Politics