Studying Political Ideologies

One of the great things about studying political ideologies is that you develop the ability to discuss ideas in a calm, logical and open-minded way rather than to simply react with "Oh that is so silly!" One of the bad things about studying political ideologies is that there are exams. Although, they are easier to…Read more Studying Political Ideologies

Ghost Towns

Occasionally on the news, we read stories about how in some countries like China where the economy has suddenly boomed, there are areas called ghost towns. These are vast areas where buildings have been planned, built and erected but not a single person lives in them. They are utterly deserted, as if they are contaminated…Read more Ghost Towns

Challenging The Nonsense

You may have read in the news lately about¬†allegations against schools in Birmingham (UK) which claim that there was a coordinated plot by extremist Muslims to take over the schools. Whilst headlines have blared words such as 'extremist,' 'takeover' and of course 'Muslims,' just stop for a moment and think about how impossible such a…Read more Challenging The Nonsense