Exam Trouble

So I only have one exam left which I will be completing this Friday and then I can finally embrace the three months of freedom that awaits me.

There is an issue however which will be preying on my mind for the next three days and even more if Friday’s exam does not go well. It is the worry about my grades in the Politics exam. Normally, I do not worry about results day as I believe there is nothing you can change once the exams are done. However this time, I am pretty sure I misinterpreted a question, rather stupidly I must admit, and in that exam pressure, my brain threw me off track. It is the kind of mistake which you feel extremely annoyed for making as you know you should have done better.

Therefore, the final unit of my politics exam needs to be aced. Then perhaps, I shall feel a little bit better. I know that I shouldn’t worry as there is nothing I can change but it is a really annoying feeling that bites away at your mind. Especially when you close your exam paper and your friend whispers, “A*” and for a moment you hope that he is right but then as you walk home, you realise you made a huge error in answering a question.

That has been my experience with failure so far and if you are not used to it, then it is harder to take.

30 thoughts on “Exam Trouble

  1. Awwwww, worried student!
    I genuinely wish you all the best for Friday; YOU CAN DO IT! 😀

    *passes chilli sauce: SAMOSA TIME! YUMMY*
    Actually. I prefer it with ketchup. Eh.


      • Exam pressure; it’s a menace, I do agree. But remember, you DID know it. You did and therefore, now you can take it all on board and happily make your way through the paper on Friday.
        Remember to re-fill that fountain pen; YOU SHALL REIGN SUPREME *holds pen to the skies triumphantly*

        And phew. Ketchup! Ketchup is good. 🙂

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  2. Exam times can be really stressful especially when you see summer around the corner. But keep your focus and do your best and you will do just fine. Good luck 🙂


  3. All the best. I’m sure it will be ok. I had that sinking feeling with my recent exam – I laughed when I saw 1 question. It was about the only page in the text I missed. It was the12% of the paper. Doh! Anyway, I did much better than expected. 70 in the exam, ended on 76 overall. So, keep optimistic, I’m sure you have prepared well. Roll on summer! (as I sit on the ferry, enveloped in wintery rain).


  4. I had my last exam last week and I know how it feels to have this pressure
    I can say what was helping me to handle with it.
    Maybe it will help you, but I think that everyone say this to you:
    Try to go with a positiv attitude to your exam and you will make it
    “Never let your fear decide your fate”
    So put your fear away and say yourself that you will make it
    If you are convinced of yourself you can achieve everything 🙂
    The fear you have is only an Illusion you have now in your head.
    There is no profit if you think negative.
    You have the choice now, to think positiv or negativ.
    It’s you choice.

    I know it is easier said than done

    But I wish best of luck for you!


  5. I know that feeling!! Its horrible!! I liken it to that feeling you get just as your locked car door closes and you’ve just remembered the keys are in it. Man!! Good luck on the rest!! I’m sure you’ve done great. I have yet to meet a college student that is as passionate about their work that hasn’t come out victorious. Enjoy that summer!!


  6. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Last year I sat an early Maths AS exam and left the exam hall with the horrifying realization that i’d forgotten to halve my answer on the last question. I’m aware that’s not the same as misinterpreting a whole question, but it’s equally soul crushing. Particularly when, come results day, you realize you missed out on an A by one mark. That one mark. Not that i’m still bitter about that or anything…


  7. I felt the same about my English exam last Friday, I was confident when I walked out the exam hall but now I really think I messed up!


  8. I hope you’ve done well in your exams! I’ve experienced that feeling so many times where I feel “Omg, I didn’t answer the question properly, argh!”
    In fact I left an entire question page in my IGCSE ICT exam because I didn’t turn the page over. Haha. And this was exactly 10 years ago, I think. Time flies.


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