A Year In Review

With results day done and dusted for A level students in the UK, the next day if hyperness shall be this Thursday when GCSE results are revealed. With people going from secondary school to college or from college to university, there is a year of students who are often forgotten about. It is those who…Read more A Year In Review

Relaxing With Spraypaints

What better way to relax after results day than with spraypaints? After delving in the shed for a saw to cut a suitable piece of plywood, I finally managed to actually use the saw. They say that a man is meant to take care of his tools but for my dad this just means bundling…Read more Relaxing With Spraypaints

Receiving Results On Live TV, EEK!

If you have nothing to do with the education sector, then you probably look on in bemusement when results day rolls up. I trust however, that you are not one of those who dismisses students' achievements by saying things like "oh exams were far more difficult in my time" or "I wonder how many real…Read more Receiving Results On Live TV, EEK!