The Life Of A Teenage TV Star

So today began quite early for a holiday morning but there was a good reason for it. A television crew came to interview yours truly. Now before you leap off your seats in excitement or fall off them in shock, let me calm your surely thumping heart by saying that I am not the next ‘apparently’ kid.

On Thursday, I may be having a few minutes of fame but I doubt it will propel me to stardom. I can hope of course but there is always that annoying little chipmunk of realism sitting by the end of my bed.

However, today was great. Like any ordinary mortal, the thought of being recorded to be on TV was exciting and I was also nervous because of the fact they wanted me to do a bit of spray paint art which whilst not the focal point of the interview, was the more tricky part since I am only a newbie to it all. Therefore, I don’t think I did my best and perhaps the kind cameraman- who may even be reading this now (hi!)- thought hey, this is a bit crap. It was done in a bit of a rush and my spray paints decided to act up and so some of the effects went awry. (I’m talking to you white paint!)Β  So after the shots were taken, we moved onto the interview and I was laughing as my aunt had been telling me to clean the house properly in preparation but the crew decided to do the interview in the garden!

Oh well, you guys missed out on the chance to see my -cool- room. The interview was about questions related to A levels and we had to keep on pausing due to the changes in lighting as the cheeky sun kept on peeking out from behind the clouds. I would have liked to focus more on the issues of tuition fees but the correspondent wanted to talk more about the issues facing A-level students as they go through college and how difficult achieving a place at a good university is.

It was a great opportunity and I think they rather enjoyed the samosas my mum quickly fried up for them! I only hope results day goes well!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

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