Lift Off

So here I am,  on the brink of my first holiday in a few years but what makes this all the more exciting and interesting is that it is an outing that is completely unsupervised. In 45 minutes we will have to wake up to get ready for the cab ride to London Gatwick. Yes,…Read more Lift Off

Wedding Drama

Deep sighs of relief. Deep, deep sighs as my brother's wedding drama finally comes to a close. Today, the great clean up begins like the aftermath of a festival. Leftovers are dished out, pots are cleaned and I..sit here watching the Community Shield. What? My part is over and all that was left for me…Read more Wedding Drama

That Time Of Year Again..

When I hear people declaring that they hadn't revised during the holidays and that their exams are coming up soon, the first thought that enters my head is "why the hell didn't you!" Sorry. Perhaps they had something going on, a family matter or personal issues but those who didn't yet still remained in their…Read more That Time Of Year Again..

Simply Telling Children To Stop Playing Video Games Will Not Work

During the holidays, my youngest brother’s claims of boredom got me thinking about my childhood and the things that used to keep me occupied. There were times when I would be bored but at the age of eleven, I am pretty sure this was a rarity. Of course, my brother was only bored because he…Read more Simply Telling Children To Stop Playing Video Games Will Not Work