How Long Do You Intend Your Blog To Last?

I know it’s a standing joke that most of the time we hardly know when our next post is going to come along let alone imagine blogging in the years ahead but what I am interested in is this: bar any unforeseen circumstances, how long do you hope to blog for?


Note the name of my blog, it suggests that I have a limited time frame before the blog has to shut down. No way! I don’t intend to end this blog after two years because I enjoy writing and interacting with the people on here. Saying that, will there come a time when my posts begin to lack inspiration or purpose? Or will the new experiences I go through lead to newer posts. It would be quite interesting to see a person who has kept a blog right from teenage years to the years of ancient white.


Blogging as a parent. Now that must be a challenge as you are likely to be inundated with work, nappies and your spouse so how on earth do you find the time? Yet, there are many of them on WordPress and their blogs are awesome as they are able to combine the seriousness of adult life with the spontaneity of children. One post can be arguing against the raising of taxes whilst another can be describing how your baby vomited over a stranger on the bus. Fun times. I look forward to it. Not the vomiting of course.


So do I think that in ten years time, I will still be blogging? Sounds slightly scary to think about because it almost suggests I will still be the same person in ten years but I sincerely hope not. I hope I will be much more mature, independent and with a family of my own whilst also still writing on this blog as well as for my job. That would be great right? However there is also a different that needs to be considered. You guys. What if you all went off and left me here typing away to no one. Perhaps there would be new people but what if WordPress began to decline in popularity? I think after interacting with so many people on here, I wouldn’t be able to maintain a blog that no one reads.

How about you? Does your blog have a specific time goal or are you riding the waves of WordPress on a shoreless sea?

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

62 thoughts on “How Long Do You Intend Your Blog To Last?

  1. Sorry are you still a student or you are just worried?
    I hope my blog will be around for as long as I can continue to type, if the only visitor will be me I will still have the obligation to right for my reader.

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  2. This is really hard to think about. I’d like to say I’ll still blog, but who knows. In time, perhaps I’ll dislike to read, and write fiction. Perhaps I’ll find writing about my life to be stupid and just plain unimportant. I’m not sure. We grow daily, to the point that who we were last year is just as much of a stranger as someone you pass on the street.

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  3. Really interesting points raised, and oh, what a question! How long? Personally, with the onslaught of maths and looming Guh-Cuh-Suh-Eughs…naturally, my blogging will flop, but ooooh that’s a toughie. I’m tempted to say half a year but then meh, I’ll probably keep with it just a bit longer. I know for sure it won’t last into adulthood. But then…
    Argh I’ve never thought about this properly before!

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  4. I started blogging last year and have no intention of stopping unless the Lord has other plans for me. I’d like to get as much out there before then and I still have lots to say. Keep up the good work!

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  5. On April 2nd I will celebrate my 10 year blogiversary and I expect that I’ll still be doing it in another ten years. I’m not sure if I’ve changed, but my blog and blogging in general has. If you look at my blog you won’t see 10 years of posts as I’ve changed blog sites twice. Your blog will last as long as you’re enjoying doing it.

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  6. I don’t have a time frame for my blog for it is where I share my thoughts, experiences, and interests as a creative person. I’ll always have new experiences which will inspire new thoughts and interests, so I’ll always have something new that I want to share. At the end of the day, I’m writing for myself and all I want to do is share my creativity. if no one bothers to take note of it will I stop being creative? Nope. Will I stop blogging about it? Nope.

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  7. I try not to say how long, or how much of what I will or won’t do. Usually with me the opposite happens. I do PLAN on keeping my blog going for as long as I can and as long as I have someone still willing to read and enjoy my blog. And of course as long as I can think of something to blog about. Which I haven’t done the last few days. 🙂

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    • Haha yes that does tend to happen. I did daily posts for the first three months or so but I think that took a lot out of me.I had to wait for my creativity to recharge and plus it was the summer when all there was to blog about was the sun!

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      • I am doing good to get one on about once a week. Sometimes though I manage to get one about twice a week, and like your summer, if something is going on I do get one more than that. Some days I get depressed and don’t get anything on for a long time. But when I do get back on, my readers say they missed me. And that makes me feel better. Makes my day. 🙂

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  8. My blog on WordPress actually is my fourth blog. I think I am gonna blog as long as I still have passion on writing, good internet access where I am gonna be, and time to sit in front of my laptop or PC to do blogging. 😀

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  9. This is a question I struggle with daily – but not for lack of WANT, but lack of time and sometimes motivation! I’d like my blog to go on forever, and it’s design and scope is meant to facilitate that, but it’s just a matter of finding stability in my regular, outside life before being able to really get into a routine with my writing… what a circular response THAT was! haha

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  10. I’ve been blogging for just over a year and find it very informative for me. I originally wanted to promote the classroom management strategies of Time to Teach but have expanded my purpose to include articles about education both in private and public schools. I seem to receive most of my comments about articles about Autistic children. When will I stop blogging? Probably when I don’t receive any new followers and/or comments over a certain period of time, whatever that is. I’m really encouraged with how many readers I have from all points on Earth. That’s cool, right?

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  11. I had a couple of blogs before this current one, and they didn’t live long because I ran out of things to say. Since my current blog is about books / poetry / reading, and I expect to be reading for the rest of my life, I think it’ll probably keep going for a while yet.

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