Work Experience Part 2

After two weeks of work experience, it is now back to revision for exams and completion of coursework. On reflection, I should have chosen to do work experience after my last exams but my university being the way it is, released exam dates far too late. But it should all work out, hopefully. They do…Read more Work Experience Part 2

Run The Competition!

Okay folks! The 3000 followers mark has been hit so thank you to all you lovely people! I have been quite busy over the past few days with work experience, so this post should have come a bit sooner but more on that later. For now, it's open season at the 3000 followers competition so…Read more Run The Competition!

3000 Followers Competition Time!

A Worried Student is fast approaching 3000 followers! Unless of course after seeing this post, no one else decides to click on follow. In which case this post would have been very ill-advised.  So let us remain optimistic for now otherwise I will not be able to tell you the details of the 3000 followers…Read more 3000 Followers Competition Time!