The Year Long Blog And Other Awesome Matters

Yesterday, the WordPress Wizard informed me that I have been blogging for one year. I remember when I first made this blog, I was preparing for my A levels and needed a platform to voice my political opinions, practise my writing as well as having a cool link to put on my CV.


Twelve months later, this blog has changed a bit. At the beginning there was a plethora of political posts which were arguing against the rising tuition fees and don’t worry, more of them will come. For now though, there are other political aspects I would like to focus on such as racism and social-class. At the same time, the blog contains a lot more ‘fun’ material which I enjoy doing from time to time as well as posting photos of my artistic endeavours. However, the main reason has not changed. It has always been my intention to build up the blog in order to help me achieve my goal to be a journalist. Whether this is through employers reading about it on my CV, something to talk about in interviews or perhaps even to be offered employment after being found via my blog. However, this alone would not have motivated me to continue blogging in the way I do, my readers matter.


Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you people who have been amazing, awesome bloggers and for inspiring me to continue blogging, writing and sharing. Thank you dear peeps.


Hold on! I have a special thanks to give to a certain someone who I am not going to name as he did say not to make a big deal out of it. However Ladies and Gentlemen, this person proved that the art connection does exist! After coming across my post about my recent spray paint art endeavours, he offered to help purchase some more supplies for me! You know those moments when you think this is too good to be true? Well that was it and then it turned out to be actually true! So dear friend, thank you very much. It is because of you that today I was able to place an order for spray paints which should hopefully last me the whole of summer. My promise is that I will also help someone out in the future when I have the ability to do so.


Until Next Time


A Worried Student

6 thoughts on “The Year Long Blog And Other Awesome Matters

  1. Happy blog birthday! I just had mine, which is a nice coincidence 🙂 I started my blog for similar reasons, helping with plans to be a journalist. It’s always awesome when someone contacts you about your blog, sk offering to buy you something is such a lovely gesture! Happy birthday again :))

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