Dear Friends, ok so it is time to admit it. I have not been paying as much attention to my blog as I normally do and it isn’t only because I am pursuing my interest in spraypaintart.


Like a true English student, I have tried to analyse why my interest in my lovely blog has waned recently. Is it because university is time-consuming? Is it because working leaves me with no time to blog? Is it because my weekly reading pile is utterly huge?

No, no and no. It is my interest in writing that has decreased recently. I still enjoy it, I am still pursuing journalism but I am beginning to feel a sense of pointlessness. If I write about a political issue, what is going to happen? Nothing. David Cameron is not going to be reading this blog and Ed Miliband hardly has time to look at WordPress when he has to deal with avoiding embarrassing photos of him munching a burger. (English Politicians for Non-UK friends.)

Then there is the sense that there is a terrible amount of things to fight against that you hardly know where to start. Tuition fees, different tuition fees for each degree, wage inequality, racism, rising crime, the rich and poor divide, materialism, political apathy of the younger generation and oh yes, the high cost of spraypaint. (What? Had to include that.)

In all seriousness though, knowing where to start is a confusing issue. I think as a student,  your voice is often ignored so you have to wait for your own reputation and status to increase before you can be heard. The only problem is the waiting period can be difficult to endure and in fact, it may not even exist. Some would argue that you have a voice that can be heard right from the start but I am more concerned with having an impact. Your voice may be heard but by who? The three uncles around the table at dinner or the people who are in power?

Saying that, I think you will be hearing a bit more from me from now on.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

11 thoughts on “Dear Dudes and Dudettes

  1. Okay, young man, you’ve given up on Journalism? Why? I believe you’re so good at writing. Painting, while a wonderful hobby, will usually end up with going very hungry and on the streets. Based upon my experiences and observations, it is perfectly normal for students to change their major. That’s why the first two years are basically liberal arts courses. So, now what? My job (and your parent’s job) is to challenge and inspire you. Let’s talk!


  2. Don’t worry too much. I’ve had dry spells on my own blog as well, I think we all do, but at least you came back.
    It’s all too easy to run out of steam, especially when you have a lot going on. Taking a break once in a while is a good thing as long as you never give up.

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