Space and Sunsets

Well it is only in the universe of spraypaint art that such a illogical title can make sense for there are no sunsets when you are floating around in a rocket, right?

So yes, that is what I have been doing with my time for the past few days. Well that and reading and I have a funny story to tell. I was reading The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy and the book I had from the library was four hundred and fifty pages long so I thought I should read it every chance I got in order to finish it in time for the lecture on it. However, it was as I neared the end and the the pages accidentally slipped through my fingers that I realised that the book was merely two hundred and fifty pages long! The rest was background and context!

Now that’s the English degree related malarkey done with, lets get on to the fun stuff. Spray Painting! You may recall that I dabbled a bit in it a few months ago but having run out of materials to work on, the cans lay forgotten in a box under my bed. Promising to grant my tutees a present if they completed their homework three weeks in a row (which they have yet to do), I came up with the idea that I’d give do some art work for them and write their names in cool graffiti style because kids like that-and some adults like me do too.

So here’s a bit of what I have been doing. I then decided to practise more and bought a whole load of spray cans and materials which were a bit expensive but I thought I will have quite alot of fun.






Now I cannot wait for the weekend as I will have hours to work! If the weather is good that is. Yes, I’ve given up on snow since Spring is fast approaching.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

11 thoughts on “Space and Sunsets

  1. I love these paintings. You’re multi-talented! I’m glad you’ve posted again. I have missed corresponding with you. How are you doing in your English class? I seem to remember reading parts of that Hardy book way back in Freshman English, too. Classics are classics because they’re rich!

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  2. What a fun talent to have! I really love the last three pictures, with the very last one being my absolute favorite. Something about palm trees always makes me smile. Keep up the great work, and enjoy your time at university!


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