A Conversation

So what have you been doing with your reading week Mister?


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. Lazy university students begging for a reading week after only five weeks of learning in which you only have eight contact hours!

Yes well there’s a lot to read.

Pah! Nonsense, no one actually reads in their reading week and wait you’re in your first year. There’s nothing to do in your first year, just coasting along like a lazy bugger.

Who told you that?

Well I know because I went to university when I was your age. It was all fun and games really.

How old are you?

I’m forty five mate so only twenty years ago which means nothing has changed in that time.

Oh really? How much did you have to pay for your degree?

That’s the best part. We paid nothing in my days! The government paid us instead, oh those lovely bursary days.

Aah yes I really don’t know that feeling you see. I use my bursary to pay for my Β£9,000 a year fees and as that’s not enough, I work part-time in the evenings

Oh wow, you work whilst at university? My friend worked at the bar when I was studying, he loved getting tips from the other students and handing out free drinks to his mates.

Wow, most students living in accommodation can just about afford their own food these days, forget about giving tips! And no, I work as a tutor you see.

Oh that must be tiring. All those annoying kids! I can’t stand them.

No they’re okay but yes it can be tiring.

So how many days a week do you work?

Well four days but its 12 hours across the four evenings. Not too bad as I have my weekends free but then instead of getting up early to perhaps study, all I want to do is sleep!

So is that what you did with your reading week then?

No, well yes. I slept in and then studied in the afternoons. Gosh you are sounding a bit like my dad you know and he’s almost ten years older than you. Then I relaxed for a few days and did some spray painting.

Spray painting? That’s vandalism! I knew you were a little criminal! All these teenagers are!

No no, spray paint art! On canvases or wood or posterboards.

What? Never heard of that. There were no such things in my days. Tell me more. Show me!

Oh no you have to wait for my next post for that

Okay, I will await your letter eagerly then young man.

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