Celebrating Eid on the second day is always more lively than the first for me since it is the day where my mother’s side of the family get together. Although there are actually less kids of my age, the relationship between my maternal aunts and uncles is much stronger than the paternal side. Although sometimes it can make me feel a bit guilty, it is a natural occurrence since my childhood was spent more with them, in the happy walls of my grandparents’ home.


Sugar galore!


Eid delights!

I guess this difference is due to the fact my paternal grandparents lived back home and hence the relationship was never fully developed. It was only upon visiting my grandmother that I began to feel that connection but four weeks can’t really outweigh seven years. So whilst some form of guilt is felt, the contrast in feelings is understandable. In terms of the family living here, it would be safe to say I love them all dearly but there will always be a special bonds between my mother’s side of the family and I.

It is quite a complex and sensitive issue to wrestle with, how do you deal with it? When I was young, I could tell that my father would feel a bit hurt that we weren’t showing the same enthusiasm to go to his brother’s house as we would to my mother’s. It is something that has to be nourished and the fact is, my father was too busy working hard to provide for us when we were young so he did not have the luxury of taking us to his family as often as my mother did.

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A Worried Student

31 thoughts on “Picking Sides

  1. A couple of the aunts and uncles came over yesterday to celebrate – I find it a bit boring because I don’t understand their language and I am not a Muslim, so I never did ramadan and I don’t believe in it! But that Melon Basket looks so amazing!! lol


  2. Eid Mubarak 🙂 It’s 2nd day of Eid in Pakistan. Luckily, for us, with 4 days of Eid holidays followed by the weekend, we have 6 day celebrations! I don’t see any mithai though 🙂


  3. Dear Worried Student, in my personal humble opinion, one can try as much as possible but one side inevitably gets more importance than the other. The reason can be distances or even personality differences. That being said please do not get discouraged as you may succeed in your effort and bring in a symmetry.
    Eid Mubarak… it is quite late and hope it counts!


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