As the sun rises and illuminates the Bosphorus Sea, the city comes to life in the extreme early hours of the day. Eager tourists are already wandering around, cameras slung over their shoulders and tell-tale tourist signs written all over them. Appealing prey for the salesmen selling everything from portable handheld sewing machines to delicious…Read more Istanbul

A Scene

The air is thick like tomato soup. As you exit the airport, you are hit with the fanfare of taxi drivers whistling and pressing on their horn as they try to grab your custom. In the early hours of the morning, the exterior of the airport is still very much alive but the unlucky tourist…Read more A Scene

Receiving Results On Live TV, EEK!

If you have nothing to do with the education sector, then you probably look on in bemusement when results day rolls up. I trust however, that you are not one of those who dismisses students' achievements by saying things like "oh exams were far more difficult in my time" or "I wonder how many real…Read more Receiving Results On Live TV, EEK!