So Ramadhan Has Begun…

We are currently into the third fast of Ramadhan in the UK. Now now, hold in that gasp of wonder at the millions of people who are fasting from sunrise to sunset because in actual fact, it is not so difficult. Every year before Ramadhan approaches, the process is the same. We talk about how…Read more So Ramadhan Has Begun…

Now Dabbling In The World Of Politics

Yesterday was quite an unusual one for me. I had been told to attend an event at the mosque in the afternoon which was being held as the Secretary of State MP Eric Pickles was visiting. Now you must understand that the local mosque is not one which usually hosts these types of visits so…Read more Now Dabbling In The World Of Politics

From Headache To Migraine

As many of you are aware, this blog was created firstly to vent my frustration at university fees in the UK which have been made more difficult for people like myself who cannot take out interest based loans for religious reasons, which are of course based on moral reasoning. Many people would tell you that…Read more From Headache To Migraine

So you’re wondering, what is this blog about?

Hi visitor! here is quick summary of my blog if you're new to it and Word Press. Yes the title of my blog paints a picture of an intensely depressed student who moans all day and screeches at any happiness but no, I am not like that (although according to members of my family, I…Read more So you’re wondering, what is this blog about?

Light on the horizon

 A friend on WordPress directed me the other day to a news article on the government introducing shariah compliant student loans. (Shariah compliant merely means acceptable to Muslims by the way, not all the other scary sensational connotations portrayed about it by the media.) My initial reaction was a mixture of excitement and scepticism. "I've heard…Read more Light on the horizon

It’s great that you have a job while in college! Err no, its tiring.

“Oh wow you work? Where?” That is the response I usually receive when I tell people that I will not be able to make an event as I have work Often, their enthusiasm towards my job is more than mine as they see it a great thing. Now, while there are certainly advantages to working…Read more It’s great that you have a job while in college! Err no, its tiring.