A Small Request

I wonder if after all these bills and years of legislation,
Coupled with years of attempted integration,
If you now see me as a human
Rather than an irritating confusion

When I walk past you in the street
Do you see me as a person or are you just discreet
In the way your mind registers me,
As an uncanny monkey?

Maybe your mind is swayed
By the endless lines played
On the news or in every section of society
That seeks to undermine my status amongst humanity

You don’t know what to believe
But nor do I
Are these images real or are they a lie?
The world views them in disbelief
While I am battered with stares, not knowing any relief.

When I look at the world,
I am astonished to see
How people judge and ignore my plea
To be looked at without stereotypical negativity

I struggle on through the uncertainty
The way is hard but I seize every opportunity
I ask for no favours except
You remove all prejudice

Against my race, age, religion or bank balance.

In this ‘civilized’ world,
Is that too much to ask?

10 thoughts on “A Small Request

  1. In our little town, people don’t say hello to people they walk by like they used to do even just 20 years ago. Fear of strangers has become normal in our lives. Hopefully, that is all you’re seeing happen to you, rather than discrimination. Perhaps you might challenge them by looking at their eyes and saying hello, opening doors for them, etc. Like me, you’ll receive positive responses and help our human race to return to where it started eons ago.


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