Dabbling In Art Is Expensive

I went to the shop on Monday and splurged on art supplies so I have been busy testing things out since then. By no means am I an artist as I have no knowledge about painting or such things but I certainly would like to learn.
There is one obstacle though. If you want to learn about painting or drawing, it costs! I certainly should have taken more advantage of the art club in college with its free supplies for buying things yourself can be terribly expensive. Especially when you buy one thing and then realise that you also need to buy something else.

It is also my fault since my brain has decided it wants to experiment with all sorts of things. Oil paints, acrylic paints, oil-markers and spray painting. All amazing things but all quite pricey. In terms of what to actually draw, I’ve been trying out calligraphy and graffiti. It all requires hard work and patience though as practice is vital for calligraphy.

The cost of all these things has shown me why artists tend to be from more privelaged backgrounds. Your child wants to play football, no problem, just buy them a ball and send them to the park. On the other hand, if they want to dabble in art, a whole range of things are needed, as well as research and expert knowledge.

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A Worried Student

20 thoughts on “Dabbling In Art Is Expensive

  1. Acrylic paints and water colour paints are my favourite medias, asides from pencil. You’re right, art can be expensive. There are places you can get cheap supplies from though, if you’re just starting out.


  2. Yes, it can be expensive. My mother has recently decided she wants to paint as one of her hobbies, and has been buying paints and canvases and such off an on. Some of the prices are a bit outrageous. Thankfully the art and craft stores run sales fairly often, so the stuff is a bit more reasonable.


  3. My son is HUGE into graffiti. SO EXPENSIVE it doesn’t even make sense. I took him to Micheals and bought him 4 graffiti markers…one of them was buy one get one free and I had a 25% off coupon and the total was $28.00!!! For 4 markers! Insanity.


  4. Art materials are outrageously expensive, and the cost really mounts up when you’re experimenting. I recently ordered some pastels from an online store – which were pricey to start with – and had to pay £10 for delivery! Then, when the pastels arrived, I discovered they weren’t really suitable for what I wanted to do. 😦


  5. This is very true- as a musician, my instruments, gear, sheet music, lessons, concert dress- it adds up quickly! However, though it is inexpensive to buy a football, actually learning to play football through organized sport and training can be just as costly, if not more so, than artistic interests. Buying dollar store acrylic paint and canvasses is comparable to buying that ball. Both can be used to start one’s learning, but both require more spending in order to enjoy further. My brother spent years in football practice, and the travel costs alone were on par with my own artistic expenses. It’s all a matter of investing in things that inspire you whenever possible.


    • You make a great point! The thing though is if I simply want to practice art, it still is really expensive when compared to say practicing football in my garden.

      True, everything requires investment and dedication.


  6. Agh, that’s so true. Everything is so pricey. But woah–there are art clubs with free supplies?? I’ve got to get to one of those stat! I have a lot of friends/acquaintances who are well off enough to be able to go to an art school and pay 250K for an art major, and it makes me rather jealous, to be honest.
    Ah well, 5 dollar Marie’s watercolors and a few brushes will have to do for now. Best of luck in your art adventures!!


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