Despite what the profile photo of my avatar may suggest, I do not spend my days in sunny climates basking in the radiant sun whilst lounging on the upper deck of a Catamaran. I don’t travel often and like most people, this isn’t due to a lack of desire but more due to the emptiness of my bank account. 

Next month though, I will hopefully be adding one more notch to the small list of countries that I have visited. Morroco. Agadir. Yes yes,  I know it won’t be the right season to lie spread eagled on the hot baking sand or swim in the blue sea but well,  the holiday package was cheap okay? 

I am still definitely  looking forward to it. For the first time,  I will be going with a group of friends and so it will be a different experience. The videographer in me is also looking forward to making some fun filled videos and taking many photographs. We shall see what opportunities present themselves whilst I am there.  

Until Next Time

A Worried Student 

4 thoughts on “Away… 

  1. Have fun!! And while it might not be the ideal time to go, you can always make the best of it, there’s always adventures to be found. Alas as I have no plans to travel anytime soon I will look forward to your pictures.

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