Vlog Agadir – Day 1

  Let us for a moment, cast our minds away from the unpleasantness of today. Instead I present to you a vlog of the first day of my trip to Agadir, Morocco. I hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out for further vlogs which will tell the story of our adventures in the…Read more Vlog Agadir – Day 1

Observations and Questions on Trump

A few observations on recent events What happened to balances and checks on power?  What happened to the fact the President of the US was bound by democracy and why does his first week have more of a sense of dictatorship? The ban does not serve any practical safety purpose other than to appease Trump…Read more Observations and Questions on Trump

Chasing the Stars

The moped's engine clattered and clapped its way up the tarmac. The roads were bare of human activity and the derelict carcasses of buildings stood uninviting, amidst fields of rocks and rubble. We turned left and as the rocky hills rose up on either side of us, the streetlights ceased to exist. Our helmets threw…Read more Chasing the Stars