Watching the politicians’ debate on ITV today, you get the sense that you are back in school electing a new student council representative. Every question they are asked, they attempt to use it for their own agenda. It is silly, childish and quite frankly, annoying. The question was just asked about how can young people be made to feel optimistic about the future yet they all just started talking about the same points they began with. How are students meant to feel optimistic when they are saddled with £27,000 debt at university? Not to mention the £46 Billion pounds of interest that needs to be paid on our national debt. (A clear reason why interest based systems are bad) How great is the actual debt?

Those are my short and concise thoughts on the debate.

Now I am off to watch The Social Network (thank you WordPress people!)

Oh and here are the new designs I worked on today with my spray paint art. I like the beach ones but the other did not turn out too well! The weather was lovely today though, didn’t have to chase after my works blowing in the wind even once!




Until Next Time

A Worried Student

12 thoughts on “Politicians’ Auditions

  1. I totally agree. This just sums up what most politics are: Childishness on an extreme level in front of a large audience. It doesn’t help either that most politicians don’t care about the huge debt colledge entails. Haha there’s my 2 cents worth. 🙂


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