You Ain’t Having My Time!

A call comes from one of your community leaders informing you that there will be a meeting to create a new local group on Saturday evening and that you are invited to attend. Politely, you reply that you will try your best but as you put the phone down, you smile to yourself knowing that the chances of you attending that meeting are almost zero. Why?

Well, you’ve just finished a gruelling week of work at that company you don’t get paid well enough to work for, you’re exhausted from studying at your evening class three days a week and you really need that entire weekend to yourself. You’re not going to let anyone take those precious hours of lazing around and doing whatever the hell you want from sunrise to sunset. Well technically, mid-day to midnight. 

In life, when we are dragged through the mud at the bottom and our entire lives become mainly about surviving through the coming few weeks, we become extremely possessive over our time. We aren’t really going to be studying much on that Saturday afternoon but that is the excuse we give in order to avoid going out and doing something. This lethargic attitude is not simply an epidemic of modern technology’s side effects but it is something more. It is not simply introvert nature that makes us confine ourselves to the four walls we reside in. It is not the grey cloud of winter either, it obviously depends on the condition we find our lives in.

So well off people are more likely to help? Well, no. People who are happy with their earnings are more likely to help out with their time simply because they do not view their time like I do. An hour to me is worth what I would normally earn in that time so when people request something from me, that has become the way I view it. How much time am I giving them? How much money am I spending on them? It is annoyingly a harsh truth and lately I have been trying to change this attitude but it can be a struggle. 

Money is tight, if I am not studying or working, then I am relaxing at home. This sounds like I am always exhausted but I realise this lazy attitude is something not worth having. There are things to do out there and whilst this post was specifically not meant to be some form of motivational yeeha post, you may find yourself feeling the same as me. Forget doing nothing, there are things to do! So I’ll start off with small steps, a bike ride on the weekend and oh yes, that youth group meeting tomorrow evening. 

That’ll be a few pounds of relaxation time being spent but let’s face it, it beats lazing at home trawling through the internet or doing not much else except watching another movie. 

Until Next Time 

A Worried Student

9 thoughts on “You Ain’t Having My Time!

  1. A worrying post as I am searching for volunteers to help raise funds for a local charity and as you say, many people stay confined within their boxes (homes/houses) but I wonder do they realise all they are missing, if I was to stay confined I would never have learnt that I have a knack at talking people into helping others, or discovered how to cox a boat or learnt how to train a dog. Nope I think I will continue to step outside of techno world and live in the real mucky grimey but fun Irish world of making do and helping others. I urge you to give it a go.

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