A Smash, A Crash!

Blog posts seem to be hitting me from all sides at the moment. Well technically that isn’t true since my posts have been ccurring with less frequency recently but remember how the blog post fell on me when my bedroom ceiling collapsed? Well yesterday, a blog post came barging upto my front garden in the form of a police car chase.

It was around five in the early hours of Sunday evening and I was terribly busy relaxing on the laptop when I heard a muffled crash and rumble pierce through the not so noise-cancelling headphones. Thinking nothing much of it at first, I continued to leisurely browse the Internet but was rudely interrupted a few seconds later by my mum yelling for my dad.

“Oh damn, that means the ceiling has fallen down even more” I thought, and I walked out of my temporary bedroom to see what all the fuss was about.
“Your car!” My mum was shouting, which I thought was odd because the last time I checked, my dad’s car was certainly not parked underneath my bedroom’s fragile ceiling.

So I walked into the living room and peered out of the window where I was met with a remarkable sight. The rear of our neighbour’s car was up against the railings of my front garden, another car was smack bang in the middle of it and a police car was flashing its lights in the middle of the road whilst a man lay on the floor with his hands behind his back, a policeman watching over him.


Typically, I started clicking away with my camera and within a few more seconds, there were more people crowding around the scene. My dad went outside and the neighbours came rushing out, their poor faces distraught about their car, a write-off.


The policeman on the left really does look like an actor and after much searching I realised who it was! Kevin James!

I went upstairs to get a better angle which was when I realised that there were in fact three people being held down by the two policemen.


And there we have it, a pretty unexpected way for Sunday evening to go!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

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