Relishing The Rain

I was sitting in the library when a deep rumbling of thunder startled us all. I laughed because the idea of a sudden pouring of rain is quite entertaining, especially walking home in it. Yes I am one of those mad people who love the feel of rain cascading down, the stronger the shower, the better.

Once when a sudden hailstorm occurred, I ran out into the garden and stood, arms stretched wide as ice spattered all over me. When the second rumble of thunder rolled over us, screams of joy (obviously not of anger or fear) could be heard outside and I wished I was one of them! Just to tease me further, a friend walked in to the library dripping wet and I stared enviously.

The only time I do not like being caught in the rain is if I am wearing my prized and loved leather jacket or some other sort of clothing that does not agree to rain well.

However, I have been restricted from the pleasure of a thunderstorm by my history lesson, which I have now realised is cancelled!


No Rain! Just Teasing Grey Clouds!


But At Least There Are Still These

Time to walk home and the rain has stopped.

A Worried Student

37 thoughts on “Relishing The Rain

  1. I used to love playing in the rain as a child, I think with age comes a lack of enthusiasm or joy from these kinds of things. The next time it rains I shall go outside and try to regain a little bit of my youth.

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  2. It’s a wonderful thing to do. My favourite memory of all time is standing in the ocean with my friends during a thunderstorm. We were soaked, lightning was flashing and the waves were rolling around us. The sun was setting and in those moments it should have been turmoil, but it was oddly peaceful.

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  3. The rain is the best type of weather by far, call me a pluviophile – because that is certainly what I am, but I relish the rain more than anyone I know. I could stand in a storm for hours on end. There is something about the sight and sound and even refreshing smell of the rain that I just find really inspirational.

    Great post. I am certainly one with you.


  4. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and as a died in the wool Oregonian, I’m a rain lover. We love to go to the beach and wander along the sand–raining or not, it does not bother a true Oregonian. When running from classes to home or work to home, or just plain running, a little rain never dampens our spirits.

    For the last 28 years, I’ve lived in a part of the state that gets hardly any rain throughout the year, but plenty of snow. While I love the snow, I’m finding that more and more I just don’t like the cold that comes along with it. It can be very hot in the summer, which I’m also not fond of. Mostly the extremes are what bother me.

    However, I’ll do love the rain and enjoy getting out in it from time to time when I’m up north visiting my girls at college. We walk through downtown Portland and very rarely is there a need for an umbrella.


    • I am envious that you get to be near the beach when it rains as that must be terrific!

      Haha yes whilst snow is fun, it is terribly cold. Amazing, I am not as crazy as I thought with my love for the rain it seems! People tend to run inside but not us!

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