Life In The Library

There goes the printer again,
Shattering the silence of focussed brains
With its machine gun chatter
And faulty mechanisms

Childish giggles are happily embraced
In fits which threaten to create anarchy
As desperate minds seek an escape
From their revision malarkey.

Chuckles spread as the startled  student stands back.
Arms raised in innocence,
Blushing red as eyes narrow
And teasing voices attack

Then order is restored
By the kind, capable figure of authority
Peace placates the disturbed atmosphere
And the minds go back to their work quietly.

6 thoughts on “Life In The Library

  1. Loved this!
    AHHH the library. It’s where all the magic happens. Just last week I realised that by pressing a few buttons here and there, I could SCAN work onto my account, to be printed off later!! WOWEE!
    And also; I’ve been one to “restore order” from time to time…:)


    • HAZAAR! πŸ˜€
      Haha yup! Wow don’t think the printer in my college is that advanced or even if it is we wouldn’t be allowed to use that feature as the queue would grow and grow!
      Great! As a former ‘head-junior-librarian,’ I know how rowdy the library can get when some people decide it is a ‘talk as loud as you can’ area. Now I leave it to the lovely librarians who dare I say it, can be a bit too strict!


      • Well this feature sure isn’t as well-known as I expected…my jaw dropped to the floor when I found out.
        Last year I was a “librarian” (as in, there were a bunch of us who’d spend a free period helping out, sorting books, labels, etc..*cough cough maths section was often quite tidy* πŸ˜€
        Oh but it’s worse when you’re trying to work and a group of elevens hurl into the library and start going on about their love lives. I put up with this recently. Look, I genuinely understand that it is probably a touchy subject which may need some friendly support BUT IN THE LIBRARY?!!!! SERIOUSLY?
        It was amusing though. Very..:)
        Too strict! *gasp*

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      • Haha!
        Oh gosh so not bothering about the endless shelves of teen fiction, merely worrying about the three or four maths books? πŸ˜›
        Haha! Innit! Take it outside!
        Well if there is one thing to say it’s who can say libraries are dull!
        Uh huh, the merest whisper and zap! They are at you with their sound zapper!


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