An Exam Avoided

Wednesdays. The middle of the week which I have noticed tends to be a day institutions appear to take it easy. Its the day when lessons at college are all somehow made to end early and even my future university (God-willing) held all of its open days on a Wednesday. What is so special about this day?

For me, Wednesdays mean an evening of teaching at the tuition centre and a very late dinner. However, today has proven to be quite interesting. Remember the exam I supposedly had to take in order to prove I deserve a pay rise? Well due to some admin error, I was not entered for it. I have no idea why but it was only when I asked for the exam details that I realised it will not be possible for me to do it.

The funny thing was I was looking forward to this IGCSE English exam because firstly, acheiving an A would have meant a pay rise! Another reason was because I had planned on doing this exam without any preperation as it is purely a Language exam so in theory, good English skills would allow a candidate to do well. I wanted to test this theory out and I was relishing this three hour writing challenge.

Since there is now no exam for me to enter, this means two things. I will not have to wake up extra early tomorrow morning to travel to the tuition centre in order to take it and secondly, I am now in the position to ‘demand’ a pay rise. Let us see how this turns out on Sunday. Perhaps this event may prove to be the catalyst for change in my teenage working life.

Meanwhile, I have my real A-level exams to prepare for. Rest assured, I will not have this calm a reaction if I was not entered for those exams! Although, I’m sure I do not have to worry as the examination officer at my college is efficient and I’d like to think, a friend.

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

7 thoughts on “An Exam Avoided

  1. Wednesdays…. ah yes…. the day that almost sets the tone for the rest of the week, so you want it to end quickly so the rest of the week will do likewise and you can get onto the weekend. My Wednesdays are slow. It’s almost a revamp of Mondays with a little CATCH UP stuff to do. Then Thursday…polish up stuff, and segue into blessed FRIDAY!


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