Explaining The Balance

"My blog is called A Worried Student, don't worry it is not as depressing as it sounds." This is how I usually introduce people to my blog. The word 'Worried' does tend to get misinterpreted as it may seem like I am constantly worrying about the pressures of life as a student. However, there are different types…Read more Explaining The Balance

Life Without Tuition Fees

When I say life without tuition fees, I do not mean its complete abolishment although that would be marvellous. What I mean is without having to worry about paying then immediately as I study at University. There are some students out there who are in my position due to the interest based students loans which…Read more Life Without Tuition Fees

Where do we go from here?

When I first received my letter of rejection from Oxford University, my future began to crumble beneath my feet. The second time I thought about it, the same thing happened, and the third and the fourth. It was only when I finally began to accept that I could no longer do anything about it that…Read more Where do we go from here?