The Writer’s Thoughts

His earlobe felt cool as he pressed it against his earcanal and sighed. It was a dreary wintery afternoon in what should have been a pleasant day in the middle of April. Bloody global warming. He wasn't complaining too much though as he sat at his desk, playing with his earlobe once again. The moody…Read more The Writer’s Thoughts

What Is Our Fascination With The Apocalypse?

I have been binge watching a new series that I discovered recently called The 100. It tells the story of a post-nuclear apocalypse and how humankind have survived by living on a huge space station called the Ark but as oxygen begins to run out, they decide to test whether Earth is safe to live…Read more What Is Our Fascination With The Apocalypse?

Standing Up Against Oppression

In the latest clash between the Israeli military and the people of Gaza, it seems that everyone supports the Palestinians. Messages of support, words of condemnation, protests, marches and angry demonstrations against Israel are increasing in number. Just yesterday, The Co-op supermarket chain announced it has banned all exports from Israeli settlements. In this conflict,…Read more Standing Up Against Oppression