Observations and Questions on Trump

A few observations on recent events What happened to balances and checks on power?  What happened to the fact the President of the US was bound by democracy and why does his first week have more of a sense of dictatorship? The ban does not serve any practical safety purpose other than to appease Trump…Read more Observations and Questions on Trump

Tell Me What I Shouldn’t Do

Tell me what I shouldn't do So you won't term me a terrorist Or some crazy extremist   I get up every morning And just like you I groan at the thought of another long day   Then its the rush hour traffic for me And you; trains are packed People are tired and whacked…Read more Tell Me What I Shouldn’t Do

Amazing Internships Or Modern Day Slavery?

Teenagers face discrimination and exploitation in the working sphere. I find that students have access only to jobs which are seen as being at the lower level whereas the more challenging are out of their reach, not because they demand skills beyond students but are simply seen as 'too good for them.' By this I…Read more Amazing Internships Or Modern Day Slavery?