Nobody Cries Save The Foxes

In my area, foxes have become like postmen. They dart into the front garden, sniff out some food and then pop into the house next door. People tend to dislike foxes for some reason, as if we are all farmers who have been wronged by these creatures. Leave them alone! If we hadn't destroyed their…Read more Nobody Cries Save The Foxes

An Exam Avoided

Wednesdays. The middle of the week which I have noticed tends to be a day institutions appear to take it easy. Its the day when lessons at college are all somehow made to end early and even my future university (God-willing) held all of its open days on a Wednesday. What is so special about…Read more An Exam Avoided

Should Google Forget?

You may have read in the news recently that the European Courts Of Justice have ruled that people should be allowed to ask Google to 'forget them.' This means deleting links to information an individual does not want to be associated with that is considered 'irrelevant' and 'outdated.' The is actually an interesting issue for…Read more Should Google Forget?

Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

Now, since the end of secondary school, I haven't been an active participant in sports but when it comes to exams, I realise the importance of exercise. I am revising, I don't have time to exercise! This is the usual attitude during exam season as everything is pushed back after the barrier of the day…Read more Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

Simply Telling Children To Stop Playing Video Games Will Not Work

During the holidays, my youngest brother’s claims of boredom got me thinking about my childhood and the things that used to keep me occupied. There were times when I would be bored but at the age of eleven, I am pretty sure this was a rarity. Of course, my brother was only bored because he…Read more Simply Telling Children To Stop Playing Video Games Will Not Work