I am a ‘Logger’ 

My essays were due the following day but when I was summoned to do some video logging for the On Assignment team at ITV,  I jumped at the chance.  Now before you tut tut and mutter priorities,  let me reassure you that I had mostly completed my courseworks and so I was able to say…Read more I am a ‘Logger’ 

Back To The Digital World

Well I have found two long lost friends in recent weeks. The first being my bedroom, a period of separation lasting six months, not because I was living at university or something fun like that but because the ceiling had fallen in. The second and more recent one was my dear old laptop which had…Read more Back To The Digital World

Should Google Forget?

You may have read in the news recently that the European Courts Of Justice have ruled that people should be allowed to ask Google to 'forget them.' This means deleting links to information an individual does not want to be associated with that is considered 'irrelevant' and 'outdated.' The is actually an interesting issue for…Read more Should Google Forget?