A Hello Back

I remember when I first began blogging and after I'd committed to writing a few posts every week, it would feel strange to go a week without posting. But here it is, the annoying sorry for not posting in months (years?) post. Life has been busy and the only reason I am typing this is…Read more A Hello Back

London Community Impact Project

Last Saturday, I was happy to take part in something called London's Community Impact Project which is a student initiative to tackle issues like homelessness. Students from universities across Central London came together to hold an event for the homeless. The event was held above Temple Station in Central London, which aimed to provide key…Read more London Community Impact Project

Motivational Graduates

 A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to film a panel of graduates who came to visit my university. Although my primary aim was to film, it turned out to be an incredibly motivational event for myself as well. Sometimes students do not realise the value of such events but they can really help…Read more Motivational Graduates

The Importance Of Aspirations And Dreams

A reblog of a post I wrote when I first began this blog a few months ago. Perhaps this post is more important now, with summer approaching and new things to look forward to as people move on with their lives.


Dreams are important. Not the scary, exciting or ahm x-rated dreams that you encounter as you drift off to sleep but the dreams and aspirations you have about your future. Well, night time dreams are also important but that is another topic altogether.

I particularly love the quote: 

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

This resonates within me as i live in a part of London that is quite frankly, not so economically developed and I have realised that many students are despondent about their future. Me included, at times. They do not want to spend their time studying and working towards their exams, yet seem worried about them when results day approaches.

Why? No, every teenager is not like this as many study extremely well…

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Studying Political Ideologies

One of the great things about studying political ideologies is that you develop the ability to discuss ideas in a calm, logical and open-minded way rather than to simply react with "Oh that is so silly!" One of the bad things about studying political ideologies is that there are exams. Although, they are easier to…Read more Studying Political Ideologies

Challenging The Nonsense

You may have read in the news lately about allegations against schools in Birmingham (UK) which claim that there was a coordinated plot by extremist Muslims to take over the schools. Whilst headlines have blared words such as 'extremist,' 'takeover' and of course 'Muslims,' just stop for a moment and think about how impossible such a…Read more Challenging The Nonsense