0% Sale

During this time of year, the world goes a little mad. This madness has only increased in recent years as materialism increases. I am of course talking about the Boxing Day sales. Living in the UK, I remember the days that I would awake in the morning to find bags of clothes that my parents…Read more 0% Sale


You know those moments when you are awaiting a delivery, you know it is coming today yet you still keep on looking out of the window? You still keep on clicking track my parcel despite knowing there will not be any further updates. You feel annoyed that this particular courier does not have live GPS…Read more Deliveries

Black Friday Tuition Fees Offer

Dear University, I am contacting you with regards to a matter of utmost importance, significance and urgency. It is a question which has largely been forgotten today, drowned by the hordes of masses who have swarmed in the early hours of the morning to the hub of electrical devices and discounts. So, the question is:…Read more Black Friday Tuition Fees Offer